Great Spotted Woodpecker

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It’s always nice to see some slightly more unusual wildlife in the garden. It’s not the greatest picture but it’s unusual for birds to stay still long enough so I can grab the camera!

Bodiam Castle

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Another trip to Bodiam Castle. I keep meaning to go at either sunset or sunrise but some bright winter sun and autumn colours made for a nice picture.

Scotney Castle

Scotney-Castle-04 © 2013 . All rights reserved.

I’m very lucky to live so close to the fantastic Scotney Castle. I don’t often visit in the Autumn but I should because the colours look great.

Herstmonceux Castle

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Herstmonceux Castle is a beautiful brick country house / castle in Sussex. Surrounded by a very big moat and set in a very large wooded parkland estate.

Pevensey Castle

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Pevensey Castle is a very interesting mix of a Medieval Castle built inside the remains of a walled Roman town. On the Sussex coast it’s an important historical site.

Battle Abbey

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Battle Abbey near Hastings is built on the site of the famous battle in 1066 between the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans. Some very impressive ruins remain of the Medieval Abbey.